Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

December 25, 2011
We had a great Christmas! Lots of good family time, fun, and surprises. It was great having Nana, Aunt Heather and Uncle Jon staying with us, and Grammie, Grandad and Great-Grandma Gert come over for the morning's fun and brunch. We all took a midday rest, then continued our celebration at Grammie and Grandad's with a wonderful Christmas dinner and more gift-giving!

I caught a picture- right after Santa left! ;)
The morning started with all of the presents in nice piles...
... but quickly...
... looked like this! :)
Lincoln thought his presents were "cool", and Georgia was especially excited about the new, REAL big-girl camera Santa brought her! Maybe we will have another family blogger soon? Stay tuned ;)

Jonathan thought he'd hit the jackpot with this BIG box... but inside was another box- to Heather! Inside that, another box- to Nana, then a smaller box to Jonathan, then a smaller box to Heather, then a tiny box to Nana... then- 3 "golden" tickets to Disney! It was such a fun way to give them all a special gift!

And the looks on their faces was priceless!!

At Grammie and Grandad's- we were at it again! We all got some very special gifts, including a music box- and dance classes! for Georgia, a musical book- and music classes! for Lincoln, some beautiful rocking chairs for us all, and a basketball goal for Larry- and the rest of us! Georgia was also very excited about these "Special Rocks" from Aunt Jen and Uncle Wes, and Linc was excited about his new FLASHLIGHT! (Even though he doesn't look it- I think he was in the middle of talking!)

And Rosemary just loved being loved! Don't worry- she got some good stuff for her first Christmas too! Thank you to all who gifted us- we have such thoughtful family and friends! It was a very wonderful celebration!


The Phelps said...

You're really catching up on some blogging! I love the family pic! Miss y'all!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all these updates!! Its like reliving fun times. One day your babies will look back on all these posts and say "thanks mom!!" This is your book! Love Grammie