Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas at the Beach

December 26, 2011
While Heather, Jonathan and Diane were here, we spent a good afternoon at the beach. It was so beautiful! We ate lunch and hang out, letting the kids play in the sand. It was actually Rosemary's first time to get sand in her toes. She seemed to like it, and I bet she'll be rolling and digging it it in no time, like big brother and sister! We definitely have some Beach Babies!

As much as I love the picture on my blog title of the kids at Auburn, it's hard to resist baby-toes-in-the-sand! Don't be surprised if you see that picture change! ;)

Rosemary actually fell asleep like this in my arms at the end of lunch, and stayed that way for 30+ mins while we walked down the beach- the sound of the waves + mommy's arms = perfect nap!

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Anonymous said...

You really should be a professional photographer!! I never knew it was possible to love chubby baby toes so much!! Let's make Fridays beach days as soon as it warms up!! Love you all. Grammie