Monday, May 7, 2012

Rosemary- 10.5 months

Dear Rosemary,
It's been a crazy month once again. But I don't want to totally skip this update, so lets get some highlights out there before you turn 11 months!

~The most exciting development is- You're Walking! About a month ago you started taking one to two little practice steps, very tentatively. Then it was three and four. You've slowly gotten braver and more steady on your feet. In the last week you've decided you've got it! Now you're walking across the room in your sweet little waddle! It's so amazing to see you just walking by! Such a BIG GIRL!! (Video coming soon- didn't want to overload this post)
You've only worn shoes about a total of 3 times- in your life! Barefoot baby!
~You are learning how to express yourself- You are an expert at waving, you clap a lot (but you hold one hand upside down!), you are getting better at signing "more" and "all done" at mealtime. You are also turning into a little mockingbird (or maybe Mockingjay! ;)... you love to copy sounds- the kids had you saying "whoaaaa" in the car one day! You'll also copy the beat of a song, a funny laugh, or the tempo of words- "uh do" is "love you"!! :)
My pretty little pink Easter eggs! 
~ You continue to be in LOVE with dada- you make sure he says goodbye in the morning- crawling to the doorway and waving till he shuts the front door, and crawls as fast as you can to greet him when he comes home! And if he's trying to put down the mail or drop his bag, or anything besides pick you up for kisses, you sits at his feet complaining till he does. You'll say "Hey dada" and he'll say "hey Rosemary"and it makes you happy! You just love to get attention from him!
You love Little Hippo- sweet dreams!
~Your big brother and sister continue to be in love with you too, and have been excited to watch you learn to walk. Georgia grabs your hands and tries to help you along; Lincoln just grabs you and often pulls you to the ground... you may have learned to walk just so you can stand on your own two feet and get away from them! You will wrestle Linc- roll right over him and grab him! He loves it when you "attack" him! And there have been many nights lately where we've had to come into your and Georgia's room and tell you both again to stop giggling and lay down! I think it's their greatest joy to make you laugh!
Life is definitely good! Playing at the beach in Pensacola.
~ We finally seem to have figured out an eating compromise- it's not a lot, but I'll take whatever you offer! If I get a bottle to you right when you wake up in the morning, after am nap, and after pm nap- literally right when you wake, before diaper changes or you even come out of your room- then you will eat it. You're only taking 3 7-8oz bottles per day. I tried to give you a bedtime bottle around 7:45, but you continually were not interested so I gave up. You eat baby food, oatmeal, puffs and cheerios- you turn your nose up at anything else, though I keep trying different finger foods. You have an incredibly sensitive gag reflux, and if you don't like it, it's too thick, or you just get mad enough- you throw everything up. Not just spit up- throw up. I've had to give you and the highchair extra baths twice this last week. Yuck. So I'm trying to be patient with your picky eating!
We see this little nose scrunch a lot- it's becoming your signature "look"!
~ Your last Doc checkup was at 9.5 months- I waited to do it with Georgia's 5-year checkup (4/2/12). BIG mistake! Or maybe the big mistake was making our appt at 2pm- nap time! I think you screamed the whole time! And your brother and sister were crazy people... the doc and I could barely hear each other, let alone go over any questions I might have had. You both got shots, you both screamed about your shots, they gave us stickers and got us out of there! But I do have some stats for you: Height 29.5 inches (94%), Weight 18.06 lbs (30%)- so similar to your big sis's stats at this age- and still! I guess I'll have some tall, lean girls!
We finally moved you out of the pumpkin seat- looking like such a big girl in Lincoln's former seat! And he feels like a big kid in Georgia's old seat!
You continue to amaze and entertain us, all the while filling our hearts with such joy and love! You are so precious to us, Rosemary Rae, and we love you so much! Where does the time go.....
love, Mommy

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