Thursday, May 31, 2012

Georgia Graduates!

Georgia's preschool, Small Blessings, "graduates" their PreK-4 class- I always remember graduations being for Kindergarten, but do schools even do Kindergarten Graduation anymore?? Well, maybe we'll get to do this again next year, but this year was really great, and our first Hipp Family graduation. The two PreK-4 classes sang several sweet songs, with awesome hand motions- Georgia's class did a great performance of "The Florida Alphabet"... "Ah Ah Alligator, Ba Ba Boat, Ca Ca Conch shell- they don't float!" The whole thing was so cute! I've been hearing her practice it at home for weeks, so it was great to hear it "performed"! They also did an impressive song with handheld bells- I was amazed Ms Annette could get 32 4-&-5-year olds to play the bells! Georgia got her Diploma, and we enjoyed dessert in the banquet hall, while admiring some of her art work from the year. We'll have to have a Hipp Hall Art Show to showcase some of her great pieces! We are so proud of all she has learned and accomplished this year, and so grateful to Small Blessings, Ms Annette & Ms Shannon for her awesome education and with striving to fill her little heart with the joy of the Lord! We are excited for Lincoln to be there next year!
Singing Graduates- Georgia is in the back row, middle of this pic, in the blue dress... (sorry these are blurry! I was holding the baby and trying to zoom and get a few shots- not a great photography technique!)
Even while being adorable and happy for their Big Sis, little brother and sister did not get much out of the ceremony- they acted like we had never asked them to sit still for a minute (or an hour!) their whole lives! But at least there were treats after!
I didn't realize till the end of the ceremony that the gentleman behind Lincoln is the Head Pastor! Oops- hope he didn't mind those shoes on his pew cushions!

Great family picture, though I wish I'd remembered to untuck my hair from behind my ear. And Rosemary is holding breath mints- not bc of her stinky baby breath, but bc I had been emptying my purse trying to keep her occupied!
(Thanks for my cute dress, aunt Janet! ;)
Sweet friends and classmates: Caroline, Grace & Georgia
Georgia's life-sized self-portrait :)

Georgia's last day of school was a pajama day- so her last day pics are in pj's! I was going to have her change into school clothes for one picture, but, truth is, we were already running late. And since I actually got some smiling faces in these ones, I wasn't going to redo them! Of course Rosemary has grown this year, but it's amazing to see how much the other two have grown!!
Georgia's first day of PreK4!
Georgia's last day of PreK4!

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Anonymous said...

Georgia Kate sure reminds me of het mommy at that age- already so self assured and acting like her class leader! How fast the kids are growing and those early and late PreK shots are so amazing! What a change. Sorry to have missed this grad and only hope I can make all the ones in the years to come! GK is blessed to have such a wonderful family and great beginning to her schooling days! Can't wait to watch and help het journey! Luv GrammieG