Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wait- Grandma lived by the BEACH???

So, my family has been visiting my Grandmother's house in Holley, FL (just across the bridge from Pensacola) my whole life. There is a beautiful bay in her front yard, and we spent many hours splashing in the water, digging in the muck and boating. But it was not until this last visit up there for her memorial that my brother and I realized- Grandma lives by the beach.
What?? How did we never know that? Why were we never playing in the sand and surf on our trips up there? Did you, mom and dad, know there was a beach just 15 minutes down the road? Really- beautiful white, Emerald Coast shorefront just 15 minutes away...
We just never went. Wes and I are convinced the beach must be new. Part of the revitalization efforts from the oil spill. No way that beautiful beach was there all along and we never went...

But we did get to take the kids down there to run out some energy on this last visit! My kids won't grow up in ignorance! Friday afternoon was sunny, warm and perfect. Aunt Jen got in the water with Georgia and we had to pull them both out for a rest, they were having so much fun. A pod of dolphins was fishing and leaping right in front of us. (And Rosemary was back at the house napping! Thanks Grammie! ;)

Saturday was windy, cloudy and sprinkling rain. We could see the big storm on the horizon that later dumped buckets and buckets on all of us as we tried to get to the Memorial service on time. But it made the water very green, and we still had to pull Jen out of the waves- I think she's part mermaid! She and her niece will have many happy hours splashing in the sea!

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