Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take me out to the Ballgame

We took the kids to a Tampa Yankees game recently- the minor league for the Yankees. It was Family Night, and if you got there an hour early, the kids got to run the bases. Georgia and Lincoln were the first ones out there, and I think they ran the bases 5-6 times total! They finally came off the field with beet-red cheeks and sweaty heads! I was hot just from watching them. But- then we still had 45 minutes to wait till the game started! We jumped in the bouncy house, got our hot dogs and chips, and even got to meet and get autographs from two under-enthusiastic players. We found our seats, got our hot dogs out, got everyone some more water, took turns eating and holding a wiggly Rosemary- and finally the game started!
Two innings later, Lincoln asked to go home. And Georgia was hot and didn't want her hot dog. And they wanted to stand- which really meant run up and down the aisle. And Rosemary wanted to stand- which really meant eat gross stuff off the ground. (And the game really wasn't very exciting- the Yanks weren't playing very well.)
We moved seats further back so the kids could have a little room to move without disturbing anyone, and lasted another inning. Then we called it- and headed out to get ice cream before going back home!

The kids liked running the bases- but are not quite ready for spectator sports!

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