Monday, June 22, 2009

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

I'm not sure my little boy is going to make it... if there was ever a perfect fit for a personal slogan, Lincoln's would certainly be "Cruisin for a Bruisin". He is now not only crawling, but crawling fast, pulling to his feet, and, recently, cruising from one piece of furniture to the other. He'll also stand and only hold on with one hand- very daring!
All this activity is made even more exciting by his many MANY daily falls on his head! Since he's more interested in getting UP than DOWN, he often reaches for something too far, or just lets go all-together, and falls, like a tree falling in the forest- timber!! Seems every time a bruise on his forehead begins to heal (like the ones in the top pic) another takes it's place.
So- how many times can a 6-month baby fall on his sweet, fuzzy little head and still make it thru the day? I'll keep you updated!! :)
Note: these pictures were taken all in the same morning; this little boy keeps me busy! :)

Hi, mom! Ready? Let's go!!
Hey- look- one hand!
Hey, mom- since you're right there, how 'bout giving me a hand so we can keep movin?
Hmmm, how come I always seem to end up down here?
I'm ok- I think...

I'm going for it...

Oops. Mom is thankful I'm starting to learn to land on my soft, squishy behind!
How do I get out of here? Better question- how did I get IN here??


Anonymous said...

If he keeps this up, he'll be walking even before his mommy did at 8 months! His poor little head and that black eye! He sure does look like his Uncle Frank more and more! Can you get Georgia to just crawl around in front of him so he has someone to hold onto? I just told dad we need to get 3 gates for this visit and 2 of the door lock things so Georgia can't get in or out! Make sure to bring the extra walkie talkie's so I have one for each room. Morgan and Buddy can't wait!!! Stay safe baby boy and give your sisger a big kiss from Grammie!

The Phelps said...

Poor little boy. I've seen a few of his tumbles first-hand and he handles them well, though. I hope I can handle them as well when Logan starts moving around our house!

Kelly said...

he is so cute....and from my experience, boys are so much more rough & "in to stuff" than girls so get ready! having a girl first just warms you up for what's to come :)

Us said...

Lincoln, I am impressed. It looks like you will give your parents a run for their money (and keep your mom on her toes with a little dose of fear in her!). We miss you and can't wait to see you later this week!