Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Georgia's Gym

Every Monday morning Georgia has Gymnastics class at Legacy Gym in Pelham. It's more playtime than performing and Georgia's not exactly the next Shawn Johnson (she's probably already as tall as Shawn Johnson, anyway!), but she likes the running around and I like that it wears her out!
Her class has 6 kiddos, and a little sis that tags along with the class- you'll see her going ahead of Georgia on the "train" in the video- learning to "wait out turn" is one of the biggest skills we're learning! The class has 3 boys & 3 girls, all 2 to 3 years old. Oh yea- and 6 mommies or daddies trying to keep everyone in line, and 3 babies (Lincoln being one) making up the cheer squad from their strollers on the sideline. There's chaos, inevitable meltdowns, squabbles, and lots of fun! Maybe we'll have a little gymnast on our hands one day... or I'll be happy if she just learns to walk on the balance beam right! :)
If you have a minute (or 3) to spare, check out our highlight video!

Double click the video for a larger view

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Anonymous said...

Georgia you are just such a god little roller!!! Great arms up and the impt thing is you're having healthy fun and learning how much fun gymnastics can be!! Grammie loved gymnastics and hope you will too as it's alot easier on the knees than all the running mommy did! Hugs and see you VERY soon!!! Kisses for Linc! Grammie