Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lincoln: 6 Months

Dear Lincoln,
Half a Year!! Wow, time is flying by!! I told you it would come up quick from that 5-month update. But you've been a busy boy and I have lots to report:
~You are MOVIN! You worked hard on that inchworm crawl for, oh, about 3 days, then just got up on your knees and got going! Now you crawl all over- you're like a little bulldozer that just keeps pushing forward, even when something's in your way or you've hit a stopping point- like a wall! You have a hard little head...
~thank goodness, because you're also pulling yourself up! You started just pulling up to your knees a couple of weeks ago, but now pull up to standing on your toes. Of course, you're still very wobbly so you fall over a lot- onto your head! You like to pull up on your sister's pink chair, to play the bongos, or in your bed to turn your fishies on and off, but you'll try it anywhere else you get the chance too (which is why you may see your first lump-on-the-head bruise in some pictures!)

~The rest of your motor skills seem to be improving leaps and bounds too, as you go after toys, grab them, put them in your mouth, go after them again... Daddy & I find it crazy that we're already having to stop squabbles between you and Georgia over toys! I hope you learn how to share at an early age, too.
Going up...
And OVER- onto your head!
"I'm ok, mom!"
~You still love your jazzerciser, or "the bounce-bounce" as we call it now, since when you get in it all you seem to do is bounce, bounce bounce... Maybe all your time in there has helped your legs become so strong for all your standing and crawling?

~You're still eating great to keep up your energy for all this activity- we're down to 4 bottles per day (~8oz each) and you've started eating cereal 3x per day. While being sick you've gotten to try yogurt (for your tummy) and you love it!! Your schedule also includes 2 good naps, morning & afternoon, and sometimes still your dinnertime siesta. And you've started going to bed earlier- about 8:30pm, after your last bottle. Mommy & Daddy love the quiet house after you're both in bed! You almost always sleep on your belly, with gigi (the giraffe). The sweet drool puddle in the pic below means you're sleeping hard!
~On a down note, you've had TWO ear infections this month- one at the beginning of May and one this past week. This last one was awful! You had fevers up to 103.7, a terrible rash that sent us back to the doc and made you switch medicines, and the fussiness, upset tummy & diaper rash you always get from antibiotics. But, thankfully, we {finally} seem to be on the downside and you actually woke up with smiles this morning. We missed our smiley, giggly boy!

~At your 6 month checkup today, your stats were: 27.5 inches (90th %) and an ounce shy of 17 lbs (16lbs/15oz- 50th%). Doc was impressed by your new skills and sympathetic towards mommy for having to keep up with you so soon! Of course we talked about your ears and how to get you all better.

~Georgia is learning how to play with you more and interact with you. It's so sweet to hear from the backseat, "look, ink-in, choo choo chrains" as we drive thru Helena. And she likes to include you in our everyday activities- "ink-in eat, ink-in diaper, ink-in nite nite". Now, if only you two could figure out how to share the toy basket!

While it would have been nice to not worry about you on the move for a few more months, we're proud and amazed at your determination and strength! And I love that you can still set all that energy aside, lay your head on mommy, and snuggle to sleep. Your bright smiles and infectious giggles brighten our home, and makes Georgia call you "silly ink-in!" We thank the Lord for you, sweet boy, and have so enjoyed this first half-year with you!
love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

He is up and moving fast mommy so you and Georgia get ready to chase him. Cute pictures and I'm so thankful your sweet, snuggly baby boy is back!! Wonder if he'll walk before did? This will be a good way for Georgia to learn to share and be as good a big sister as her mommy was. Can't wait to see if she starts to dress him up like you did Wes! Hugs. Grammie

Anonymous said...

So Lincoln -- it looks like you will be up and runnin when you come down on the 4th for a visit. I sure am looking forward to seeing you and your sister. Oh ya and Dad & Mom. I will sign you up for nose guard on the Pop Warner football team. Love GrandDad

The Phelps said...

Great update! I can't believe how mobile he's gotten! It shows me what I have to look forward to in the upcoming months with Logan!

Jason and Diana said...

I love the pic of Georgia holding sweet! what great memories!

Shireen said...

Happy 6 months, little man!! Really, you're not so little for your age anymore!! 90th percentile is AWESOME!!! YAY!! I'm so impressed with how much you've developed so fast, and I LOVE that face of yours!! you and your sister are BEAUTIFUL!!! I know Daddy and Mommy are so excited at how well you are growing and learning so fast! I love how you're on the MOVE!! :) I know Mommy has her hands FULL chasing both you and your sister!! Now, you must learn to share with Georgia!! ;)

Kathryn, I LOVE the main/top picture on your blog!! I hope you have that one FRAMED in the house!! :)

Love you all!!

The Morrows said...

he is so cute! growing so fast- i love the sleeping picture... those are my favorite moments looking in on my sweet babies while they're sleeping so peacefully. who did your title photo? the pics are great!