Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feel the Love

Not much going on... I had a few "too cute to not share" pictures laying around! Enjoy!
Kisses on the fuzz-top

"Don't worry mom- I've got him!"

Snuggly Smiles

Goober 1 and Goober 2

Little Whales!


Anonymous said...

I just am blessed to have the cutest grandbabies in the whole world!!! Just look at those cheeks and thighs!!! Snuggles and Huggles!! Grammie is in serious withdrawals and can hardly wait for your visit in July!!!Your Mommy is doing a good job making fun memories that will help you two to become life long friends!! Good Mommy!! Love grammie

Michelle and Jeremy said...

LOVE the whales! I am so glad he is getting to wear his Little One Orig. clothing! too cute!