Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome, Summer

Since it is now June, and the air is already a hot, sticky 90+ degrees, I have to accept the fact that Spring is gone and Summer is here. I love Springtime- everything turns green, flowers bloom, the air outside is just warm enough and just cool enough, we leave the windows open and play outside lots. But here in the south, Summer quickly takes over and soon you're breaking into a sweat just from loading the kids in the car.

Growing up in Florida, where Summer is a year-round season, I don't remember it bothering me so much. Maybe because we spent most of our childhood in the pool or with barely any clothing on?! Or maybe because we didn't have AC in our house till we moved to Tampa when I was 15 so we just didn't know any better?! But now, when I take my own kiddos outside and their cheeks turn bright pink and the sweat runs down their faces, I'm quick to usher them back in to the cool AC. Maybe Mommy's the one that's "gone soft" and can't stand the heat!

Anyway, Georgia and I decided to officially Welcome Summer this week by dragging out our little pool, cleaning it out and filling it. She had a blast being in charge of the hose and splashing around! I literally had to drag her out to go inside with me when brother woke up from his nap. I think we'll be spending a lot of time in this little orange oasis this summer!

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Anonymous said...

I believe you are correct. Mommy has gotten soft. Probably doesn't bother Georgia much. The farm house was in the shade of the pines and on top of a hill where it got a breeze. We opened the windows in the spring and closed them in the winter. It wasn't cool "air conditioning" though. The pool is ready for you here-- come on down--------- GrandDad