Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Kids Say

The kids are outside playing and I overhear them from the open window. Ga's imaginary friend Banana Daughter is apparently living in the playhouse, and she doesn't want Linc to go in there.
Ga: Don't go in Banana Daughter's house. She has some parents there- and they are mean.
Linc: I have some parents in my house.
Ga: Are they mean?
Linc: Yes
Ga: (pauses for a minute, then decides it's worth the risk) I wanna come- I like mean parents!

We are riding in the car. The topic of where God is comes up.
Mommy: He is everywhere, all the time, and in our hearts.
Georgia: No mommy- we only see Him on Mondays. (The day her school has chapel!)

Daddy is leaving for work and gives Lincoln hugs and kisses. He walks out the door, closing the door, but Lincoln rushes out behind him, with a granola bar in hand.
Lincoln: Here, Daddy, you need your breakfast.
(sticks the granola bar in the outside pocket of Daddy's bag.)
Lincoln: And watch out for crocodiles today.
Good advice.

Lincoln: Mommy, what's a booby?
Mommy: What did you say?
Lincoln: A booby- what's a booby?
Mommy: Lincoln, we don't say that...
Lincoln: like a pirate booby trap? What's that?
Mommy: OH!! A Pirate BOOBY trap...


Shireen said...

Ha!!!! That is so sweet!!!

I love that Linc is looking out for Daddy! Making sure he gets his granola bar! :)

Love you guys!

The Phelps said...

Haha - Those were all great! I think you saved the best for last. Tell Linc he made me smile today.