Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

We are back home from our Christmas visit to Tampa. It was a wonderful visit and a great baby's first Christmas for Georgia. The whole Christmas season seemed to go by so quick! I am left with little snippets in my mind of some of my favorite moments:

Georgia opening presents! She loved it and got really good at tearing the paper off pretty quick. She also loved presents in bags so she could pull all the tissue paper out. I love this picture of her sitting on Larry's lap, opening the first present on Christmas morning- well, really she was trying to eat the big shiny bow!

Of course, once the present was open, she just wanted to chew on the box. Eventually we just put her IN a big box, to keep her out of everyone else's present piles!

All of us together! It was great just all being together again, and for Georgia to get to spend time with Grammie, Grandad, Uncle Wes and Uncle Michael. We miss them and it had been too long since I'd been together with both my brothers again. Love you, BIG bros! ;) And notice our cute matching pj bottoms, something that may become my new tradition! :)

Speaking of pj bottoms, mom got Georgia these CUTE Christmas pjs that say "My First Christmas 2007, Georgia Kate" on the little flap over the booty. SO cute, Grammie! :)

Wes gets a present that blows his mind! My brother Wesley got THE present of the year from his girlfriend Jenn- a SIGNED Auburn jersey by Carnell "Cadillac" Williams!! It was Awesome!!! Thanks Jenn, for letting us watch him open it! Wes wouldn't let any of us try it on, and it should be in a frame by now, ready for a spot of honor- maybe above the mantle?!

Michael gets a new ride! My youngest bro Micheal also got an awesome present- a new Yamaha Vino moped! This shiny little ride will be great to help him get back and forth from classes this year. I got to take a ride on it, and it was really fun! I loved the look on his face when he saw it!!

Our "day off"! Larry and I got to have a "day off" while Grammie & Grandad had a day of Georgia. It was great- we were like kids again! We went to Busch Gardens for the day and rode all the big roller coasters and saw all the animals. Then, after going by the house to change and say goodnight to our baby girl, we went out to a nice dinner and a late movie. Grammie even got up early with Georgia the next morning so we could sleep in!

Now we're back home and doing 9 days of laundry. I'm procrastinating taking down our Christmas decorations, because that means it's really over. But we have these fun memories and the promise of a GREAT 2008 ahead!
Thanks to mom & dad, Wes & Michael, the Brookes, the Jungers, the Waltrips, Janet and everyone else for a great trip and baby's first Christmas! We are truly blessed by our family and friends!
More pictures in Georgia's Album!


aucindy said...

I love your site.You do a great job with the pictures and description. It looks like Georgia had a great first Christmas. Glad you had a good trip and are back home safe. I want to come by and see Georgia sometime since my life has slowed down some. I will check with you and maybe bring Aunt Sandy but NOT Uncle Matt. He says she likes him a lot. See you soon.

Misty said...

CUTE pictures of you all! I am so glad you all had a very Merry Christmas!
~Misty :)
(Cindy's daughter and Sandy's sister)

Shireen said...

Hey, girl, I thought about y'all so much over the holidays! I prayed for y'all's trip and safety, too! Looks like you guys had a great, LONG :) time!
Welcome home! Hope to see you sooooooooon!
Later, gator.

Anonymous said...

Tell Miss georgia that her CAT misses her and keeps looking around the corner for his fast crawling baby!! We had a wonderful Christmas with all of the kids but Georgia really stole the show! Can't wait to see you all again soon. Love Grammie!

The Phelps said...

Great pictures! She really does know how to open those presents! We enjoyed ringing in the New Year (the eastern time one at least) with y'all. See you soon!

PS - Matt's not sick anymore, so I'm sure he'll want a play date soon. Plus we found one of Georgia's toys under the couch!