Monday, January 28, 2008

Friends, Family & a Playhouse

We have some cute pictures to share from some of our recent fun:

1) Friday we had a playdate with Avery McClain, and her momma Nancy. We enjoyed eating lunch with them, and Avery had lots of fun toys - especially a waterbottle both girls wanted to play with! Why do we bother buying any toys? Just give them waterbottles, spoons and bowls! :) See Avery's Blog for more cute pictures...

2) Friday night we went out to a belated Birthday dinner for Larry's cousin, Jaclyn. It was fun to get to celebrate with her, and we all enjoyed the cake Larry's sister, Heather, made her- and the story that went with it! ;)

3) Finally, I made Georgia a playhouse! Since I was one of those kids that draped sheets ALL over the family room into "forts", I was very excited about our little playhouse! I took the big box her carseat came in and cut in it some doors and a window. I had to crawl thru it (don't ask how I fit!) to show her how to use it, and since then she's enjoyed crawling thru it, and taking Ann & Andy in it to play! We'll see how long it holds up- and how long daddy can stand it taking up half the living room floor!

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Anonymous said...

So glad she got to share Jacqualines bday with you guys and heather!! She is blessed to have family around to love and hug her!! They are blessed to be close enought to do it so often!!