Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Dog Book

Our friends the Brennans sent us this book shortly after Georgia was born, and I'd have to call it her favorite! It is simply titled "Dog" and not only features big photos of different dogs, but also has 'touch & feel' pages- ie. silky dog, shaggy dog, and, Georgia's favorite, "soft ears floppy". It also has moving parts- pull the tab and the dog shakes his head, or scratches his leg, but we don't do that part any more because she got a little excited and pulled one dog's head off. She loves to read "Dog" to Bernie the basset, to which he responds by flopping over on his back or moving away from her, as if to say her chattering is interrupting his snoozing! I think it is safe to say our little girl is going to be an animal lover!

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Anonymous said...

Grammie will try to find you a book about cats so you don't forget Blazette!!! We need to get this to GrandAunt Karen so she can see how much you love the Sassy Old English sheepdog! Should have known you'd be an animal lover!! Hugs to mommy and daddy!!