Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow Day Double-Feature

Being a Floridian, I'm still excited about the snow we had here last weekend! What can I say- warm salty breezes run thru my veins! It's always funny when I talk to my mom in Tampa and she says something like "It's gotting cold down here- we've turned off the AC and closed the windows!" So- that's where I'm from and why a few snowflakes are so exciting!
Here are a few videos I wanted to share- Georgia did not share in my excitement of the snow, though she tolerated it more from the view from daddy's arms!


Us said...

I love it! Georgia definitely has that warm weather blood too (and she's probably used to the heat being on 78 all the time :) What I want to know is what is Larry Hipp doing outside in shortsleeves?

Anonymous said...

Hurry down to Grammie in Fla baby girl!!