Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow Day

Today we had snow! Yes- SNOW in Birmingham, Alabama! And not just a light powdering, but some real stick-to-the-ground, throw-at-someone snow! They (the meterologists) had been predicting snow all week, but we were skeptical. After all- it was 56 degrees out yesterday and I was burning up in my sweater! But the temperature dropped overnight, we got some precipitation, and, wha-la! Snow!! :)

All the kids in our neighborhood were out this morning, having fun in the snow. So I bundled Georgia up and took her out to experience her first snowfall. But she was NOT impressed! She just thought it was wet, cold and no fun! Bernie couldn't even convince her as he ran basset 500's in the yard and licked up my snowball! It probably didn't help that I just plopped her down in it and asked her to smile. I guess she's already a southern girl, thru & thru!

Here's some cute snow pics:


Jen said...

That picture of Georgia pouting makes me laugh! Molly was not impressed with snow either. We got snow again on Thursday here, and this time she enjoyed it much more from the view from the window.

Shireen said...

I'm right there with you, Georgia! Boohoo at the snow! Bring on the sunshine and 80 degree temps! I KNOW you've got some Florida sunshine girl in you! ;) I must have some in me somewhere down the line!
Love y'all!!! (more than the snow!)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I heard you say, " Take me to Florida", Georgia. There is none of that nasty snow on GrandDads boat, baby girl.