Thursday, January 10, 2008

9 Months and First Steps!

Georgia Kate,
You are 9 months and 10 days old today and turning into such a big girl! We went to your 9 month checkup today and you are 17 lbs, 11 oz and 28 inches- 25% for weight for babies your age and 75% for height. Dr Anderson called you a tall thin supermodel and said you are healthy and doing great! I can't agree more- you are learning so fast and just excited about life! It makes hanging out with you every day so great!!

~ Your latest and, in my opinion, greatest accomplishment: WALKING!!!
That's right- YOU WALKED!!!
Here's the story of your first steps: last night you were standing against the big chair, holding Andy, and you saw Ann on the ground and just walked over to her- about 4 steps all on your own! I was amazed!! I quickly grabbed the video camera, which I've kept w/in arms reach the last month in anticipation of this very event, and set you up to do it again- and you did! You took about 4 more steps towards an outstretched Raggedy Ann doll! I should have known what was missing the last month was sufficient bait to get you to walk! So I got the moment on video, like a good mommy (& will get it posted here as soon as I figure out how to get it from video camera to computer- daddy started classes so mommy is having to figure a few things out on her own- yikes!).
Of course now I can't get you to do it again- but I know it's coming! The doc was very impressed (only 40% of babies are even crawling at 9 months!), and warned me you'll be running around the house within weeks- something I'm not sure we're ready for but I'm sure you won't ask permission!

Of course we have other things going on too:
~You love to read, and your favorite books are Dog, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, A Very Good Day (thanks, steph!), & Guess How Much I Love You
~You love playing and will play for almost an hour by yourself. You drag ALL your toys out of the basket and spread them everywhere and crawl around, playing with each one. You even try to share them with Bernie, which is confusing to him b/c he knows he's not supposed to eat your toys!
~You love Bernie and squeal and laugh when he comes in your room. You are always looking for him and laughing at him! You love to pat him and he'll roll over so you can pat his belly. You even try to kiss him, but I try to stop you b/c you both kiss with your tongues out! Eww!!
~You have started kissing! It is so sweet- and slobbery! You don't always do it when asked, and sometimes offer kisses at random times- but we take them anytime! We certainly try to set an example by giving you hundreds of kisses a day!
~You still don't like to eat much, except when Grammie is feeding you! You drink your bottle fine, but eat solids at your own whim. Like this morning- you refused even a bite of bananas, but ate an entire jar at lunch. You're getting better about this, though, and are starting to eat some finger foods- cheerios, "Puffs", "Wheels", real banana, soft carrot, avocado, bread & crackers... you also love to feed your food to Bernie! (He loves it too!)
~You love to drink out of your straw. You won't even use a sippy cup, but love the straw! You'll drink some of your milk from the straw, but not much yet.
~You are super busy, crawling fast, "cruising" and standing against everything. You are even starting to try to climb- my favorite story about this: over Christmas you grabbed onto Grammie's oven door with both hands, pulled both feet up against the glass, and, when it started to open, just rode it down- till you bumped your head on the ground!
~You're also very tough as you bump your head all the time!
~You love bath time and splash and swim in the water!
~You are a great waver, and wave at everyone. You even say "HEY" sometimes when you wave- you say it enuf that we'll count it as your first word!

I could go on & on (and I think I just did!)- I am such a proud momma! We spent 9 long months preparing for you, and now the first 9 with you have flown by! Thank you for the joy you bring to daddy & my days! We thank God every day for our healthy, happy, sweet and smart baby girl!
Love you, Mommy


Anonymous said...
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Stephanie said...

I'm so glad Georgia likes A Very Good Day!! She is so cute!!
- steph
ps...i also think your blog is likeable. :)

The Phelps said...

Your letters to Georgia are so sweet! I love the picture of her with Raggedy Ann & Andy. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Georgia girl--- I knew you would be walking soon. You are trying to follow in your Mommies footsteps (pun intended). Mommy was walking just before she turned 9 months. Probably why her knees are already worn out! I am looking forward to our visit next month. (maby we can play some racquetball.)GrandDad

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, your writing to Miss Georgia just make my heart glad and proud. Your baby is blessed to have a wonderful mommy an daddy and you are spending time teaching her to be an angel. Someday she will have all of this site to go back to and know hoiw very much she is loved. Make sure to back this up.....just in case! We're looking forward to seeing you in early Feb, Hugs and open mouth kisses! Grammie
PS How does something get pulled off the blog by the administrator....????