Monday, January 7, 2008

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Georgia has some new buddies. My mom's friend's mother lovingly MADE Raggendy Ann & Andy dolls for Georgia for Christmas, and she loves them! (She also made Georgia a beautiful quilt that she sent when Georgia was born!) This morning Georgia was crawling around with one doll in each hand- no small feat as the dolls are as big as she is! It was quite a challenge, but she was unwilling to leave either one behind. She'd crawl a step, drop one, go back for it, crawl a couple more steps- poor Ann & Andy were getting a little roughed up, but I like to think her love for them overshadows any pain they have from being dragged around! I love how she loves them as it reminds me of the Ann & Andy dolls I had as a child- and also loved!
This little video is from last night- I set her in the rocking chair in her room where Ann & Andy sit, and she was so content to snuggle there in the chair with them!


Shireen said...

Oh, my goodness, Kathryn!
Oh, I want a Georgia Kate! Just like yours!!!
I had this video playing last night, and I just wanted to jump right into it with Georgia!
I know you're so proud of your baby girl! I would be!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I was just telling Sally tonight about how she's trying to walk while holding them both!! Send some more pictures of her standing with them before Friday am in you can so I can share them with Sally!! They're as big as she is!! Bye bye baby girl! Grammie loves you!!